What On Earth Online Slots Review You Can Found?

What On Earth is an online video slot machine that is centred on a space theme. This online slot features bright, rolling reels displaying cosmic graphics as well as a visible consistency in theme.

From rocket ships to animated aliens, What On Earth’s light-hearted story invites players to spin reels and embark on a journey with an alien gang in an effort to aid in an abduction on planet earth – an abduction of riches.

This game is a 5 reel, 9 payline and 45 coin online slot that boasts a generous number of bonus features, including scatters, a beam ‘em up bonus, a destination bonus and a contest bonus.

Theme and User-Friendly Interface

Players are immersed into a cosmic adventure when playing What On Earth, with thanks to well-considered imagery used in the game’s symbols and bonus features. Cartoon-like visuals and the use of striking colours provide an attractive interface, and thus an enjoyable experience.

The game features a single bar at the bottom of the screen that is neat and clear, and provides players with an interface that can be easily navigated. This is illustrated by the fact that there are only a few buttons needed in order to collect information on gameplays and pays, set coin values, spin the reels and more.

What On Earth Symbols

What On Earth’s visually-rich look and feel aside, the user-experience proves to be an enjoyable one with thanks to symbols that present imagery of quirky alien creatures, fruits that have been illustrated to tie in with the extra terrestrial theme, spaceships and meteors.

The symbols are comprised of high value, bonus and low value cards with the high symbols made up of an alien character, spaceship controls and a meteor symbol. The low value symbols are comprised of a meteor-like watermelon, a Saturn-like plum, a sun-like orange and comet-like cherry.

The What On Earth logo symbol is the game’s Wild, while the bonus symbols are displayed as rockets, saucers and shuttles.

Beam ‘em Up Bonus Game

What On Earth features a bonus Canadian casino games that is triggered when a player spins and lands 3 saucer symbols or 3 shuttle symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 only. When a player spins 3 or more rocket symbols and they are displayed on reels adjacent to one another, not only is the player rewarded for the combination, but they are also taken to the bonus game.

When players are taken to a separate screen for the bonus game they are then prompted to select which earthling they think should be abducted. Each earthling will have their own multiplier value and will reward players accordingly.

Beam ‘em Up Contest Bonus Feature

While players are in the beam ‘em up bonus game they can also trigger a Contest bonus feature. This happens after a player’s selected alien’s beam abducts a contest invitation instead of an earthling. That alien then goes into direct competition with the other aliens, where the aim is to abduct the most earthlings within a specific time frame.

Destination Bonus Feature

Players can also trigger the Destination bonus feature while in the bonus game of What On Earth. When a player’s chosen alien beams up a Globe the destination feature is triggered and players are prompted to select one of four densely populated areas so that the alien can abduct an earthling and be rewarded with a multiplier.