Jekyll and Hyde Online Casino Slot Guide

Jekyll and Hyde is an online slot game. It is most notable for its unique visual style, which switches completely depending on if the player lands a scatter feature bonus. When landing scatter symbols the game imitates the transformation of the protagonist character, changing the design of all symbols to a darker form of themselves. In terms of game play, however, Jekyll and Hyde is a relatively standard affair, using a five reel system with the all pays feature. All pays is a line betting system whereby players are unable to raise or lower betting lines, and instead are always playing on all lines.

The all pays feature removes much of the strategy involved with slot games, and as a result some veteran slot game players may prefer to steer clear of this particular game. The bet amount may still be raised or lowered. This game is available to play for free or real money, and is available on desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet. If wanting to play the game for real money, please be sure to be logged into an active account, and that the account has funds available.

Twin Personality Symbols

The symbols in the Jekyll and Hyde slot game have two different appearances, as already said. Most of the symbols maintain their value, regardless if they are in one form or the other. The symbol that does change its value is the Jekyll symbol, which is massively more valuable when it changes to Hyde. Like in most slots at, some of the other symbols are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are the least valuable in this game. In order to make the most money and take advantage of the twin personality system, the player must pay attention to the two bonus symbols, of which there are two.

Jekyll and Hyde Slot Symbols

Split Personality Bonuses

Like receiving offers in cricket betting, the first bonus symbol in the Jekyll and Hyde slot game is the wild symbol, represented by flames and the written word wild. This symbol will match with any other symbol to form matching sequences, acting as a substitute. A player may land, for example, two aces and a wild, to form a three aces matching sequence.

The second bonus symbol, and by far the most important, is the scatter symbol, identifiable as the symbol with the written words Jekyll and Hyde. If this symbol matches with itself at least three times, the transformation will be triggered, and all Jekyll symbols will become Hyde symbols. The player will also automatically be granted ten free spins.

For the duration of the spins, the Hyde symbol will remain active, offering the chance to make massive wins and be granted enormous payouts. Once the free spins have completed, the transformation will reverse and Hyde will once gain become Jekyll. Obviously, the best chances of winning big are if the player aims to match the scatter symbols as often as possible. Take note, however, that the scatter symbol can be rare, and difficult to match, so the player should minimise losses until a scatter symbol match is achieved.