Jackpot Poker by Play’n Go in Detail for Casino Players

Jackpot Poker, created by Play N Go, is a well known online video poker game. As the name suggests, it is a fairly standard game of poker, played by one person against the house. All the standard rules of poker are followed, meaning that the majority of people will know exactly what to expect before even starting their first game. For those who are not aware, poker involves making the best possible hand using five cards.

Upon a round starting, the player must first make an upfront bet, after which five cards are drawn. The player may select which cards to hold, and which to cast out. Cast out cards will be replaced, allowing a second chance at making a better hand. In this specific Jackpot Poker game, the player must draw at least a pair of jacks or better to be allowed to play. If at least a pair of jacks is not drawn, the round is instantly lost and new cards are dealt.

The significant difference between Jackpot Poker and other video poker games is that Jackpot Poker has a massive, life changing jackpot, which is awarded for the highest possible royal flush being drawn.

The Better Hand Pays

Jackpot Poker works on a payout system that rewards the higher value hands. If a high pair is drawn, and the hand wins, a moderate payout is given, but not nearly as much as higher value hands. Three of a kind, a straight, and a full house are all decent payouts, but the major cash is not until a player is lucky enough to get four of a kind. From here the payouts grow astronomical in size, with a straight flush and royal flush certain to put a smile on the players face.

Big Bonus Jackpot

Jackpot Poker is well known for being incredibly generous where high value royal flushes are concerned. Look to the pay table located at the top of the screen and notice the exponential payout increases as per the value of the royal flush. The highest value royal flush will, of course, trigger the massive jackpot payout, hence the name Jackpot Poker. This jackpot amount may vary depending on how recently a jackpot has already been paid out, but the amount is almost certain to be a life changing sum.

Highest value royal flushes are of course not easy to achieve. For more information about what the current jackpot amount is, do not hesitate to contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

Optimised for All Platforms

Note that Jackpot Poker has been designed to offer a smooth game play experience, regardless of the play platform used. On desktop computer, a mouse will work perfectly. Simply click the cards you want to hold, and click deal to have those cards cast out and replaced. On touch screens, the play experience is equally as user friendly, requiring the play only to tap instead of click.