How to Play Keno Online at Internet Casino Sites


Keno is one of the most common lottery-style games that is offered at land-based casinos today. With no knowledge or strategy needed to play, keno is a popular choice for players of all age groups and levels of experience. Due to its popularity, the demand for online keno games has increased as well since the first online casinos were developed, and players can now find these games at a number of online and even mobile casinos.

Offering a number of unique keno games and benefits such as regulated payout percentages and secure banking, many players consider online to be one of the best ways to play this casino game.

The Basics of Playing Keno Online

Keno is a very simple game to play, and players rely completely on luck in order to win. The basic objective of keno is to choose as many winning numbers as possible, which are revealed in the draw after all the tickets for the game have been purchased. Online keno players will generally be allowed to choose anywhere up to 15 numbers on their virtual keno boards, which usually display numbered spaces from 1 to 80.

Once the numbers are selected, any numbers that match those revealed in the keno draw will pay out according to players’ stakes. The range of stakes on offer varies between casinos, so it is recommended for players to investigate a range of online keno games to find those with the stakes that suit their needs.

The Benefits of Online Keno Gaming

The demand for keno games has transcended land-based casino floors to the online casino industry. Online keno games are much more flexible and easily accessible to many players, as they require just an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone to play.

More online casinos than ever are adding keno games to their collection of casino games, with many games being developed by trusted casino software providers in the industry.

Keno for Computers, Tablets and Smartphones

Players can find games that are compatible with their PCs and Mac computers, as well as for their Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. This allows players to play at anytime of the day, as well as reduces the need to travel to a land-based casino to participate or wait for a keno draw to take place.

Additionally, the waits between online and mobile keno draws are also reduced, allowing players to play more keno games in the same time frame and increase their chances of winning.

Secure Banking and Keno Bonuses Online

Playing keno at certified online casinos will also bring players some of the other benefits of online casino gaming. This includes safe casino banking for real money players, who can use encrypted payment options like debit cards, credit cards and eWallets to make deposits into their player accounts in their own regional currencies.

Real money keno gaming will in turn allow players to claim welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and even loyalty rewards when they play at certified online casinos. Extra keno promotions and giveaways may also be on offer, depending on the casino players choose to play keno with online.