Are Online Casino’s Available in Hong Kong?

While there are no online casino sites that are operated from Hong Kong itself, there are many fantastic international casino sites that Hong Kong based players can join, deposit and withdraw funds, and generally enjoy a vast variety of online casino games.

Without having the hassle of going to Macau, this really is the best and easiest option for players in Hong Kong.

How Can I Access Online Casinos?

Just click on the browser of your laptop or desktop computer.  Whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any of the other internet browsers, you just search for online casinos and you will find many options for joining up.

Also now available for Hong Kong based players are apps which you can install on your smart phone very easily.

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone, Android phones like Sony or Samsung, or use a Windows system phone like Nokia, you should be able to download the app for your favourite online slots Canada site in a matter of minutes.

This can be linked to the main account that you have on your laptop or desktop computer, so that you have the choice of playing casino games on the go, or at home, or a little bit of both, depending on where you are that day.  Apps offer all of the necessary features available on the main website, but are specially designed so that they do not unduly drain the batter on your phone.

The Best Games For Winning

There are certain online casino games that offer players in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world better odds of winning than others.  That is because they only have a limited number of wrong answers, making your chance of winning substantially bigger than games with millions of options, like some slot machines.  We expand on the top three games that Hong Kong players can try their luck with for top winning odds. These games are as popular as the online slots Australia and other regions are currently offering players.

Blackjack: This is without a doubt the best game for winning more often. Because you are only playing against a dealer and not many different players give you a good edge.  The online casino house edge is only 1% approximately; occasionally it goes as low as 0.13%. Online Blackjack NZ is also known to pay out seriously large money, so this is a truly good game to hone your skills on.

Craps: This popular dice game also offers great odds to Hong Kong players at their online casino of choice. Whilst fairly complicated, even beginners who play on the ‘pass line’ can almost certainly win something from their play.  With craps the house edge is approximately 1.2%, sometimes though as low as 0.60%.

Roulette: A very popular game with Hong Kong players, and with their being only 37 or 38 pockets that you can pick, the odds of a win are good in this game too.  Generally the house edge is around 2.7% with single zeros or around 5.26% for double zeros.  Definitely all worth a fling in our opinion!