A Quick Look at Armadillo Artie Online Slot

The Armadillo Artie slot game has a western type of theme, with symbols like a cactus and the high playing card symbols. There are a range of other animals that you would find in the desert, all drawn up in a cartoon format. Look out as well for the game’s scatter symbol, which can create additional winning combinations.

Settings in Armadillo Artie Slot

The Armadillo Artie slot from Cryptologic offers a main jackpot prize of 1000 coins. However, the slot does offer a maximum number of 25 paylines, and the value of your bets can be adjusted to suit how you plan on approaching the game. You could choose to activate all paylines and place the maximum bet, or you could approach it slightly differently like some gamblers at https://onlinecasinogames.co.nz/nzd. Placing the maximum wager is perhaps to best way to go about playing for the main jackpot prize win, but the choice is yours whether you do want to approach the Armadillo Artie slot in this way.

The base bet for this slot games starts at 0.01, but your bet can go as high as 10.00. Whether you are on a low budget or have more to spend, the settings can be adjusted to suit your wagering strategy. As with any other slot, there are a number of different symbols that form the basis for this game. The slot does include a Wild symbol, which in this case is the Artie Armadillo. This wild symbol is able to substitute for any of the other game symbols, with the exception of the bonus round icon as well as the free spins symbols. However, the wild can even be used to create a winning combination that will get you the main jackpot win.

Bonus Feature

In order to trigger the Armadillo Artie slot bonus feature game, you need to aim at landing two of the bonus symbols on either line 2, or 3 or 4. In the Armadillo Artie slot game from Cryptologic Games, the bonus feature symbol is a set of tenpin bowling pins.

As you might expect from the bonus symbol, this feature requires players to try and knock down a set of bowling pins which have been located in the desert. The bonus feature game is really quite straightforward to play, and is based on luck to some extent. All you need to choose is which way you want the Armadillo to roll. He will then roll in that direction to knock over a certain number of pins and this will result in what you win. Simply put, the more pins the Armadillo is able to knock down, the higher your winnings will be.

The other feature in the Armadillo Artie slot game is the free spins feature that is on offer. In order to activate these free spins, you need to land at least three of the sheriff badge symbols. Experienced players will know the value of free spins, as these certainly give you more opportunities to create winning combinations. Because these spins are free, players do not need to spend anything more in order to make use of these added spins.